Glenda Paekau

Psychic medium and clairvoyant

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Glenda has been offering guidance, healing and love to all people across New Zealand & Australia.

Being a Psychic Medium, has taken me on an amazing life journey, experiencing the ability to see, hear, sense and feel Spirit. With each Client, I sense and feel what is happening around them, in their past, present and future. Everyone is going through so many experiences in their lives, as life, changes and becomes complicated. This is when we are ‘tested’, and we either become weaker and keep repeating the same lesson, or become stronger, creating more amazing experiences.

Read about who I am, my journey and why I want you to be apart of it.
My journey started with an incredible experience, and I want to be apart of your journey in spiritual awakening and understanding your life.

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"Through my own challenges, triumphs and successes

I experience ‘both’ worlds, the Physical and Spiritual. Every day I am grateful and aware of how beautiful life can be, when living in an environment of peace, love and joy. Angels and Spirit are constantly at my side, guiding and encouraging me to find who I truly am, so I can nourish and cultivate my gifts, that I was born with."

We cannot change Destiny, but we have Choices to make with every experience.

this helps to define our final outcome. We have many ‘Messages’ and ‘Signs’ through life that guides us in the direction of learning and experiencing. They can be easy lessons, or difficult, but we all have the ability to learn about ourselves and our gifts, that we were born with, enabling us to do the best we can, to help ourselves and humanity. We are all given the opportunity to CHOOSE how we live and experience life, so we need to take full responsibility for our own actions.

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Your mental &physical well-being is my drive. Contact me to find out how I can help.