About Glenda Paekau

My experiences, my journeys, me. Read below to find out my journey and why I want you to be apart of it.

I was aware of my Psychic and Medium-ship abilities at a very young age. I was lucky, that I was born into a family that encouraged these gifts. Through my beautiful Mothers family, the generations of females carried this gift. My Mother was brought up with her Grandmother, who practised séances and had many Psychic experiences. I was always protected by my Mother, who constantly encouraged me in my work, supporting and attended most of my platform work over many years.

I had two amazing Great Aunts, who taught me how to see Aura’s. I was so blessed to have so many important people that were in my life, helping to prepare and nurture me for the future, with my natural gifts.

The journey hasn’t been easy when I was young, as people outside of my family, frowned on it and couldn’t understand me. I learnt over the years, not to talk about my gifts with anyone, but my family.

I married young and have six beautiful Daughters and many wonderful Grandchildren and one Great Grand Daughter.

My strength and support come from my family.I began seeing Clients over thirty years ago and it has grown into work that takes me over to Australia.

I hold a Diploma in Health and Human Behaviour. I am a Heal Your Life, Leader, Coach and Teens Facilitator, based on the philosophies of Louse L. Hay. I run a One Day Heal Your Life Workshop during the year. I hold Spiritual Workshops throughout the year, focussing on developing Spiritual abilities, that are born within each one of us. As H. Jackson Brown, Jr. said -

“Never underestimate your power to change yourself. Never overestimate your power to change others.”

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